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Is our housing market at risk?
Moving towards a National Housing Strategy
What's inspiring me these days?
What are the key challenges we face as a profession?
Will a luxury or speculation tax create more affordable housing?
Friends close by – the Golden Girls revisited
Millennial buyers and four trends changing real estate
When renting your spare room = trouble
CREA Cafe - delivering the news you need
Does lobbying work?
Do home sales matter to our communities?
Depreciation reports now required for most stratas, March 20, 2014
What's not on the property title may be important
The Property Disclosure Statement - What You Need to Know
Will Renovating Speed Help You Sell or Will It Cost You More Than It’s Worth?
Construction Employment in Metro Vancouver
We’re REALTORS® and we add value, March 6, 2014
Building permits increase in Metro Vancouver
Wow! The MLS®
Price Competition Among Home Buyers Heating Up In 2014
Royal Pacific REALTORS® help make homes more affordable
Thank you for your support – and I’m listening
Toronto Real Estate Board and Privacy
We’re REALTORS® and we add value
Happy International Women’s Day!
What is our future? Collaboration will play a key role
Can we compete? Just ask Colby Sambrotto
The future is now
Government announces new HST/PST Transitional Rules
Engaging members
What’s important to you?
Leadership lessons I’ve learned
Shaping our future
Staying ahead of the curve
Creating our Future
Royal Pacific Realty Corp grows to number one in Vancouver
Density in our neighbourhoods
A new online real estate ecosystem of opportunity
MLS® Home Price Index coming
Creating our future
Let’s invent the wheel – together
Creating our future
David Eaves and open data
MLS® data is just one important component of what we offer
Thank you to all of my supporters for helping me get elected today as CREA Director
Mortgage crisis? Not here, thanks to Canada’s banking system
Federal Budget 2010 – Mixed news for home buyers and homeowners
Canadians will buy homes this year
An Olympic Lift for Metro Vancouver real estate
Federal Budget good for home buyers, home owners and real estate
New rules for mortgages
You can use your RRSPs to buy a home
Gibsons gets gold!
Self-employed Canadians eligible for EI thanks to CREA
"Have the number of building permits been affected by the market downturn?"
"How and where I can help my client to appeal?"
"Where do we get title insurance?"
"What is your role as a Realtor?"
"May I be a double agent on an expired listing?"
"Can a buyer decline a deal with a subject clause?"
"What is a 'bandage repair' on a condo?"
"What is the Real Estate Fund Corp?"
"What form do I use for a half duplex?"
"Is first time buyer exemption still eligible after profit taking on a flip?"
"What are the legalties on giving a finder's fee?"
"Are there assurances in the tenancy clause?"
"What is the time restriction to avoid taxation on capital gains?"
"What is required between REP and PDP?"
"Can you combine two strata lots into one bigger unit?"
"What do the terms 'nominee' and '72 hour clock' really mean?"
"Is 'Working with the Realtor' brochure required for privacy protected listings?"
"Which homes qualify for the GST Rebate?"
"What is the Listing Brokerage's Remuneration?"
"When do brokerages hold money as stakeholders?"
"What is a no-agency relationship?"
"Who signs the 'Working with a Realtor' brochure?"
"Why are deficiency addenums with holdbacks important?"
"Is a verbal agreement binded?"
"Can a seller refuse to pay the buyer’s bona fide agent?"
"Question about power of attorney..."
Home Inspectors to be Licensed
"What are the closing costs?"
"How's the Olympic Village going?"
"What are the top problems home inspectors find?"
"Can self employed get a mortgage?"
Should You Sell or Buy First?
Home Sellers: What Are Your Benefits?
Owning or Renting – What’s Your Best Option?
Is Real Estate a Good Investment Right Now?
Find a Solid Strata Property
Get the Best Mortgage Possible by Following These Six Steps
The Top Six Incentives for Home Buyers
In Canada, We’re in Okay Shape
In Metro Vancouver, Slow Sales Create Buying Opportunities
Let’s stimulate the market now. Reduce the Property Transfer Tax.
BC Budget Keeps Us Working
Federal Budget Good News for Home Buyers and Home Owners
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